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LCD is the result of a course I’m studying in Communication & Media. Or more accurately, it’s a requirement of that course.

My mission: “Set up a weblogging site of your own choice.”

With such a world of options open to me, I’ve chosen to focus on (the) Media, with a side of Communication. Shit, eh? Who’d have thought it? Like the Spanish Inquisition.

Consequently, some of the posts to this blog will read like course assignments. That’s because they are course assignments. The most obvious example is the dissertation on the TV show Big Brother, which I freely admit reads like a high school essay.

On the other hand, there will be reviews of books, movies, and even that ghetto medium, comic books. And underneath it all I hope to let off steam concerning the state and quality of the media today. If anything strikes a chord with you, or even a nerve, please don’t hesitate to join in with a comment.

Management stuff: all original content of this website is © copyright the respective writer or artist and may not be reproduced in whole or in part without permission.


One Comment

  1. jase

    how are you man?

    good work on the blog. pity i don’t have wireless internet so i can read it on the bog. sorry about that one. i am a litlle drunk and undernourished.

    catch you.

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